A Very Good Ending to 2015

When I look back at the past 12 months, I am amazed at what our family of four has accomplished.  Aside from our 8yo doing  well in last Spring’s Football Academy at his beloved St. George’s and completing another Cross Country Race, the 1yo mastered walking.  But, also we moved back to our home country.

Now to the novice, you would think that would be the easiest of tasks.  Quite frankly, from a language perspective, it is.  However, to be away for almost 4 years for a young child it was much more difficult that we’d imagined.  The 1.5yo was excited to see DisneyJr in English and my husband was so glad to be living back by our gold course.  My goal was making everyone happy, settling everyone in and checking all the boxes.  Needless to say, my “box” was last and never really checked.  I do not recommend this, but I think as mothers, wives, etc, we do this accidentally.

Granted, I was very lucky in Italy to shoot many gorgeous images, people and experiences.  I was able to use my lenses in creative ways and from differing perspectives.  I had my previous teachers in my head saying things like “How can you make this different?”  I did and I am grateful.

However, I needed to relaunch my Wedding Business upon my return.  I love the Wedding Day, whole heartedly.  I enjoy learning engagement stories, meeting loved ones, families and friends and being sure to capture moments with those special people.  The feeling for me is exhilarating, when I capture those key moments.

However, as I lie in bed on 12/30, I started to think if I could launch this all over again?  Was I making the right decision?  I looked at my cell phone and I had a message from “The Times” of London requesting one of my images I shot 2 years ago in Rome.  After I sent it to the Features Editor she stated, “It was stunning”.  The granddaughter of my subject said, “well of course, and you have 1000 more stories to tell!”

This was all the convincing I needed to continue and I consider this a valuable lesson.  The image is below, this was captured just before her 100th birthday.  There is a documentary being created about her, this Sicilian Princess, mother, grandmother, Painter, WWII survivor and so much more.

Now when I look at her, I am going to use her as inspiration.  Grazie, Topazia!

Ciao XX


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