The dreaded Yearly Christmas Card

I am not quite sure when the slow knot in my stomach begins, but the thought is “OMG, its July and I need to get working on our Christmas Card!”  I know, its awful.  Sadly, my mind has started hs to work like that for at just over 7 years now, since starting my photography business.  You’d think things would get easier, that my creativity would abound.


Even living in a city with the Colloseo in the back drop still made me crazy.  I found that I was just better advising other people on their cards, the images, the designs, etc.

Just to “stick it” to Rome, I sent our first family card with a photo from Florence, the next–from our trip to Copenhagen.  When our youngest came along I could not get decent photos of the two boys, so I had one the older one in an old Castello, with the baby on his stomach in our apartment.  I did take an incredible photo of my sons and husband, with great sunlight coming behind the Colloseo.  The Camera Card got lost in our move.  I am still praying to St. Anthony to deliver it.

Finally, I found other Photographers going through this.  Perhaps overbooked themselves, forgetting their own families or had multiple shoots in search of that image that told that great 2015 story or just something salvageable.  I then began to breathe.

With moving back from Rome and now on the East Coast, I had visions of wonderful stonewall settings, perhaps with some great falling golden leaves dancing in my head.  I loved all the bursting fiery reds and oranges in the fall as well.  I had purchased great outfits, fall vests, for the boys.  I could not have been more excited for the beauty I was going to craft!

But there were photo shoots.It was now December and the knot in my stomach resembled a tea cozy made at summer camp.  But this was not for my lack of trying.  There were set walk offs, from a very sweet Toddler.

A compliant older brother, who looked quite handsome.




A puppy dog that had been wrangle so many times, that he only sat still to lick faces or eat.  However, I loved the catch light in his eyes…



Then the 8yo had an idea as we watched the toddler run around the yard chasing bugs.

We’d lie.

“Oooh, look at this!” said the 8yo.  “Mom, have you ever seen a bug as big as this?”  I glanced at him and caught on to what he might have up his sleeve.  “Um, no never..”  I said very wide-eyed.  I pointed to the ground at a curly leaf.  The Toddler, and budding entomologist came racing over and gleefully shouted, almost questioning, “BUG?!  BUG? BUUUG?  Ooooh buuuuug…”  He knelt down, much like a NASA scientist, who has landed on the moon for the first time and wanting to be very gentle with the first moon rock he is touching.  The 8yo started to lean in with a smile and I caught a very sweet moment.

My oldest delivered a very special gift to me that day, all by telling a lie to his brother.



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